PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering is a National Private Company having main business in Construction Industries. Established in 1994, PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering has been trusted for various construction projects, both in regional and national scale. Among the projects are Road Construction, Drainage, Building, Factories, Pipelines, Mechanical and Electrical, even Environmental projects.

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In relation to business development, PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering has committed huge investment in various of innovation and improvement to meet the client’s expectation enabling our company offer “ one stop shopping “ in construction services. Some of them are the installation of Asphalt Mixing Plant [ AMP ] in the year 2000 to equip Civil Division, and the innovation of Structural Precast System named as “ Less Moment Connection - BPR 3 “ and “ PAESA - PSA “ to support the Building Division strategy, that made PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering is able to put itself comparable to other giant construction companies.

With a pack of competent, experienced and highly dedicated personnel in its field, PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering is known as reliable and trustworthy construction company. Certified Quality Management System of ISO 9001 - 2000, will ensure that PT Paesa Pasindo Engineering always gives a High Quality, Punctual, Competitive and Safe Products.